There’s something holding you back from the grounded life you’re seeking.

Instead of putting aside the daily runaround and focusing on what really matters – like your own life satisfaction and connection – you’re caught up in a never-ending routine.  You’ve got too much to do in too little time and at the end of the day, you’re missing the chance to tune in with yourself and honestly reflect.

But you don’t have to stay stuck…

Welcome to Urban Wellness.

Our mission is to make wellness a down to earth practice. To join with the members of our communities and inspire them to thrive, both in their own lives and in their relationships. Our vision is to eliminate mental health stigma by creating awareness of, appreciation for, and acceptance of mental health self care. Our therapists collaborate with you to reconnect with your self and others, navigate current and past experiences that have been left unprocessed, and find deeper self-understanding and compassion.

Urban Wellness provides psychotherapy services and psychological testing to individuals, couples, and families in all phases of life.

  • Urban Wellness is an LGBTQ+ affirming practice.

making wellness a down-to-earth practice

We are here to go on your journey with you, be a blend of support and teacher, and to bear witness to your growth. Take that step towards achieving wellness.


Urban Wellness has several locations within the Northwest Side of Chicago.

Edison Park

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Old Irving

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