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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Urban Wellness, we are committed to social justice and anti-racism. We are dedicated to providing services to individuals, couples, and families that are accessible, culturally relevant, and free of stigma.

Here at Urban Wellness, we celebrate and affirm all backgrounds and identities. We strive to provide a brave space where voices can be heard and liberated.

GET TO KNOW your therapist

Tony deAsa, LCPC

“Everything can be taken from a person but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of ircumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl

Insurances I Accept:

  • Optum/United
  • Cigna
  • BCBS HMO Northshore
  • Humana
  • Aetna

Ages I work with:

  • Generally 18+
  • though I have worked with individuals as young as 14-16

Languages I speak:

  • English

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Tony and I am a cisgendered, Mexican-Filipino American male who uses he/him pronouns. I’m a licensed clinical professional counselor. I work with young adults and adults who need support with working through depression, anxiety, trauma, peer and family conflict, relationship issues, stress management, and other areas. I’m here to meet you wherever you’re at, be a supportive guide for you on whatever path you might be on, and focus on your strengths, such as the strength it took for you to seek help today.

I love working with:

  • Young adults/adults ages 16+
  • Mood disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.), bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders
  • Trauma
  • Peer/family conflict, relationship issues
  • Stress management

Some of my favorite approaches include:

Client-centered, Adlerian, DBT, “eclectic.” I meet you where you’re at and utilize whatever approach may be most helpful.


I aim to create a safe and open space in sessions for you to feel comfortable and where we can work toward achieving your goals. I like to be transparent – what you see is what you get, and I say things as I see them without judgment or criticism. While this may sound intimidating, I feel that transparency is important to developing respect and trust in the therapeutic relationship.

I believe that you don’t have to do anything; you always have a choice. I believe that time and/or age are not important factors for meeting your goals; if you have a goal and the motivation to work toward it, you can achieve it. I believe that a challenge isn’t an excuse to stop, it’s a reason to keep going.

What it’s like in a session with me

I want to create a caring, safe, and open space for you. I often start sessions by asking “How are you?” or “How have things been since we last spoke?” I find this to be a nice way to ease into the session and a subtle way to pick up on something to talk about. I otherwise will meet you wherever you’re at. Do you have something specific on your mind to discuss? Let’s go. Do you want to talk about what you had for dinner last night? Have at it. Do you want to get into something deeper and more personal? I’m here for it.

More about me

I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, whether it’s relaxing at home, going to the store, or finding something new to do, it’s always an adventure. I like to play video games and relax on the weekends and am interested in martial arts and sci-fi TV and movies. I’m also a dog person/pet person in general.


Schedule your first appointment. For follow up appointments (existing clients), please contact your therapist at 773-774-4444.