Body Focused Therapy

Breath, meditation, and movement have always helped humans express themselves when they’ve struggled with their words. It’s as if tuning into the body gives you an outlet for your emotions when you can’t explore them verbally.

You know you’re struggling to find balance and meaning in your life, yet you’re unsure how to talk through everything without feeling like you’re complaining or ungrateful.

Whenever humans have had trouble expressing themselves, they’ve turned to their bodies. Whether it was yoga for mindfulness and meditation, or reiki to focus on how energy moves through your body, people have used their bodies to explore how they are feeling.

In a fast-paced, modern culture it can feel difficult to slow down and connect with the messages your body is giving you.

Body Focused Therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy as it grants insight into how stress and anxiety manifests in you physically. It allows you to connect to how pain is being carried physically, even when you may not recognize it.

Using your body as an extension of your voice helps you identify clues to your suffering that you wouldn’t otherwise notice if you weren’t attuned to how your mind and body speak.

There are Movement Therapy professionals who use dance, reiki, yoga, meditation, and other physical activities to help you become more aware of yourself and begin to honor your truth. We have professionals who work with somatic processing to help treat your mind and body for post-traumatic stress and anxiety.

You know you have to find a way to get in touch with who you really are and what you’re really feeling. You’re ready to start connecting your mind and body so that you can form closer bonds with yourself, your loved ones, and your community.



Movement Therapy is counseling is best for those who are 14 and older and are looking for options other than traditional talk therapy, or to combine holistic care practices with their mental health. Body Focused Therapy helps you understand whatever is keeping you from moving forward and provides you with a physical way of expressing yourself and processing your emotions.

You will benefit from body focused counseling if:

There are certain situations where you might not be ready for body focused therapy sessions with Urban Wellness. These situations include, but are not limited to:

If you are currently experiencing a severe mental illness, we recommend you seek outpatient services at a local program like Thresholds. If you are currently experiencing substance abuse or dependence, please see our other specialized service.

What The Dance and Movement Process Looks Like

Movement therapy is intended to help you address any social, emotional, physical and cognitive challenges you are facing. Together, you and your therapist will strive to reduce your stress, manage your mood, and increase your self-esteem. You will recognize movement as a type of language and use it as an expressive and a tool for communicating.You and your therapist will meet together weekly for 55-minute sessions. Therapy is best done with at least an 8-week commitment. We find that clients who cannot commit to at least 8 weekly sessions and meet less than weekly tend to have more difficulty in establishing a relationship with their therapist and often spend their sessions recapping the previous weeks instead of focusing on forward movement. After 8 weekly sessions, you and your therapist can discuss the movement toward your treatment goals and whether reducing sessions to biweekly or terminating therapy is the next step.

What Will You Pay for Counseling?

Initial Sessions


Follow-up Sessions


Counseling is a fee for service program and Urban Wellness accepts all major forms of payment.

Initial sessions cost $195 and each follow-up session costs $170 and we recommend at least an 8-week commitment.

Urban Wellness accepts insurance and offer in network and out of network benefits. We accept BCBS PPO, Humana, and United Healthcare insurances, at their contracted rates. For your convenience, we will do a benefit check on your behalf and notify you of our in network or out of network benefits. Copays, deductibles or any out of pocket costs are due at the time of service.

Your Next Steps

You are capable of getting out of bed and facing the day without panicking. It is possible to accept the unknown about your life and move forward while feeling like you will be ok even if something bad does happen. You will be able to experience new situations without feeling terrified that something will be out of your control.

It’s true your anxiety has made you question your ability to live a full life, but that does not mean
you cannot start to get a handle on the things that shut you down. Urban Wellness can help.

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More About Urban Wellness

Urban Wellness Helps the Members of Our Community Thrive

Our practice is designed to meet the needs of everyone in our community by offering a variety of counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Our counselors vary in their expertise, working with clients across the lifespan with a wide range of issues and it is our goal to find the therapist that is the right fit for you and your loved ones. We are constantly growing our specialties through education and supervision so that we can continue to help our clients and provide therapy for the whole family.

Regardless of the cause, experiencing anxiety in your life can be debilitating. Maybe you’re feeling reluctance to leave your house or engage in social situations. Or your heart races every time you drive past the scene of an accident. Or you might find yourself continuing to think about what-if situations even when they are very unlikely. We can help–this is a safe place. Urban Wellness’ anxiety focused therapists can provide you with the help and space you need to begin to navigate through anything that causes you to worry.