Thriving businesses are made up of thriving employees.
Mental health and well-being are key elements in creating an engaged and productive workplace.

does your organization foster a culture of wellbeing and connection?


Employees have all been impacted by the collective trauma of the past several years.  The lines between work and home life have become blurred as we adjust to ever-changing roles, expectations and work environments.

Employees report loss of stability, routine and connection as well as an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, anxiety and distress. 

Employees are struggling and the costs to businesses are high. Employers need fresh strategies to create a culture of connection and support as their teams navigate anxiety, depression, isolation and disengagement, and we move toward a new vision of well-being. 

THE impact

the solution

Cultivating well-being at work is essential to create a thriving business.

Psychological safety, authenticity and belonging are increasingly recognized as essential for performance, innovation, productivity and job satisfaction. 

We partner with courageous leaders to provide well-being + leadership support pathways that move beyond information to insight, inspired action + integration. We are committed to expanding capacity for collective well-being – where individuals, teams, systems and communities thrive.


we can help:
Education, Understanding and Engagement

Choose from three custom levels of engagement to create the workplace atmosphere and culture of connection your business needs to THRIVE.

Package one

THE Educator

Bridging the gap from uncertainty
to understanding

We offer a variety of interactive, educational experiences that provide a much needed space for curious inquiry, grounded understanding and inspired action through psycho-emotional education, skill-building + cultivating connection.

Does your team need helping cultivating core skills, community and connection? 

Start here. 

Package two

The Consultant

Leading your team from
understanding to engagement

How are your people really doing when it comes to well-being? What problems are you looking to solve? What assets can you harness to catalyze a culture of thriving? Through comprehensive assessment and planning, we answer these questions. We are here to be your partner and your guide as you develop a strategy for execution.

Do you want to know how your team is REALLY doing? Start here. 

Package three


Sustaining engagement for
genuine progress

You’re ready to do big things. We know how. Collaborating with us sets you apart as an organization with a dedicated leader of wellbeing at the level of commitment you need. All the brains for a fraction of the bill. Assessment, planning, implementation and sustainment.  We support the overall vision of your well-being program.

Do you want to be an innovator when it comes to well-being at work? Start here. 

Establish a culture of mental health at your workplace.

Take our three minute quiz for your wellbeing solution.


The Well-being AdvoKit is a deck of 30 wellbeing cards packed with tools for understanding and supporting the mental health of your team.

Get to know us...

When you engage with us, you will have direct access to a trained mental health clinician who will get to know you, understand your organization’s strengths and challenges, and work in synergy with you to create opportunities for wellbeing.  It’s not one-size-fits-all.  We build real, meaningful relationships and cultivate trust and connection to meet your needs and foster an atmosphere of growth.

Meet your Workplace Wellbeing Consultant

Amy Johnston - LCSW, PMH-C

Clinical Director
Amy Johnston is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience working in mental health, trauma and burnout. She is dedicated to supporting a culture of thriving, even in the hardest of jobs. She works with courageous leaders to cultivate an atmosphere of growth + authenticity.

Catch a glimpse of our educators in action: