We want it to be easy for you to contact us. That’s why we have various ways to get in touch.

The intake team is available Monday-Friday. We are not always able to answer the phone due to call volume so please be sure to leave a message with your name, phone number, email address, and details of what’s bringing you to therapy at this time (if comfortable sharing in a message) and a member of intake will follow up within 48-72 hours (at most) Monday-Friday. You can also email us at [email protected] or submit the contact form with all necessary information needed.

Please note, we are not able to schedule appointments by walking into the office, as we do not have front desk staff. We also do not schedule same day appointments.

Scheduling: Urban Wellness is currently scheduling Intakes within 1 week for daytime appointments. (Both in person and virtually.) Evenings and weekends are highly desired and more difficult to schedule given current client caseloads. Please communicate any daytime flexibility in your schedule to assist us in scheduling you quickly.

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To contact us by phone:

For all new clients: please call intake (773-774-4444 extension 0) for ALL new appointments in order to receive the quickest response as therapists do not handle scheduling of new clients.

For existing clients needing to reach their therapist:

Heidi E (Billing): 21

Gwen Curtis (Client Care): 36

Megan Burns: 23

Jill Patano: 24

Christine Sheppard: 25

Fariha Newaz: 26

Jenna Bumber: 27

Hannah Auger: 28

Jen Flaxman: 29

Christine Johnson (NP): 30

Kenan Posjkic: 31

Dana Rivera (Executive Director): 32

Kayleigh Eisenstein: 33

Tony deAsa: 35

Megan Brady: 37

Jolanta McNamara: 38

Christina Gilsdorf: 39

Nick French: 40

Patti Zullo: 41

Madeline Root: 42

Grace Lindahl: 43

Amy Johnston- Clinical Director: 44

Erica Bobish: 47

Jennifer Kronk: 48

Suzanne Mascorro: 49

Carolina Cotts: 50

Erin Loughlin: 51

Julie Feldman: 52

Amanda Ekman: 53

Meagan Gerchen: 54

Maria Duda: 55

Mandy Dick: 56

Joseph Malcolm (NP): 57

Brigid Dagenfield: 58

Alex Smith: 59

Raquel Segovia: 60

Nura Shadid: 61

Ciara Thomas: 62

Julia Jordan-Lake: 64

Rebecca Crumpley: 65

Diego Espino: 66

Gabriela Flores: 67