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Thriving organizations are made up of thriving employees. Mental health and wellbeing are key elements in creating an engaged and productive workplace.

Take five minutes to find out what tools you need for wellbeing in your workplace.

How many employees are part of your organization?
Which is closest to your primary goal when it comes to wellbeing in the workplace?
In what ways does your company support the mental health of its employees?
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How would you rate your organization’s workplace culture when it comes to mental health?
Which best describes your company’s culture around mental health?
How important is creating a workplace culture of mental health for your team?
What percent of your staff is dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or burnout at the moment?
Which best describes you as a leader when it comes to wellbeing in the workplace.
As a leader, are you comfortable being vulnerable and modeling openness about your own mental health?
How would you describe your leadership team’s knowledge and training on creating a mentally healthy workplace culture?
How would you best describe your workplace culture and communication when it comes to mental health issues?
What level of engagement are you looking for?*
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