Making wellness a down to earth practice.

You’re starting to notice a trend. People are always busy, focusing on to-dos and tasks. That rather than connecting with those around us, we’re engrossed in the worlds of others through our devices. That somehow many of us feel like we aren’t where we expected to be at this point in our lives. There are times it can feel impossible to climb out of our current chaos and find a connected sense of purpose, but we’re here to tell you it’s not.

At Urban Wellness we know this:

Feeling excitement about the future is possible at any life stage.

Being overwhelmed often stems from the best of intentions. You want to give your kids the things you never had, and you put time, effort, and energy into your relationships with your spouse, family, and friends. But your investment in others leaves you feeling stretched thin in the end.

Enter Urban Wellness

Urban Wellness Helps the Members of Our Community Thrive.

Our practice is designed to meet the needs of everyone in our community by offering a variety of counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Our counselors vary in their expertise, working with clients across the lifespan with a wide range of issues and it is our goal to find the therapist that is the right fit for you or your loved ones. We are always growing our specialties through education and supervision so that we can continue to help our clients and provide therapy for the whole family.


Here at Urban Wellness, we believe in creating the best atmosphere for our clients and employees and giving back to our community. Our mission is to help members of our communities reconnect with the things that are truly important and thrive, both in their own lives and in their relationships. To make wellness a down to earth practice. Our vision is to eliminate mental health stigma by creating awareness of, appreciation for, and acceptance of mental health self care.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Urban Wellness, we are committed to social justice and anti-racism. We are dedicated to providing services to individuals, couples, and families that are accessible, culturally relevant, and free of stigma.

Here at Urban Wellness, we celebrate and affirm all backgrounds and identities. We strive to provide a brave space where voices can be heard and liberated.

Land Acknowledgment: Urban Wellness acknowledges that the lands on which our practice resides with locations in Chicago and Forest Park, Illinois, are on occupied land, and was originally inhabited by Peoria, Bodwéwadmi (Potawatomi), Myaamia, Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Hoocąk (Ho-Chunk), and Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo) peoples before their forced assimilation, labor, and removal from their ancestral lands. We recognize the Native peoples of these lands and invite all to consider supporting Indigenous communities and the fight for Indigenous racial justice.


Building strong, meaningful relationships is a basic need for all of us. We value building relationships within our community and helping our clients do the same. It’s also a hallmark of our business to promote strong, lasting bonds within our team and to work collaboratively both in the office and out in the community.


Part of our mission is to contribute in promoting wellness within the community through community involvement, speaking engagements, and financial contributions. It is our goal, that through regular outreach in the community, we can reach more people and provide psychoeducational services to students, teachers + administration, and businesses in the community.


We’re committed to providing the best atmosphere for our clients and our team. It’s seen in our beautiful workspace for our employees and a comforting space for our clients to offering the extra touches like coffee + tea stations, fun music, and a collaborative environment for our team and wrap around services for our clients. We promote continued education for our clinicians through quarterly trainings in evidence based practices so clients can feel safe knowing their therapist is always growing in their skill.


We promote hiring clinicians of varying backgrounds, beliefs, and specialties to better serve the diverse and unique experience of our clients. It’s also important that our office promotes the foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in its culture and practice.




Executive Director

Megan Burns


Edison Park Supervisor

Gwen ehrhart


Director of Client Satisfaction


 Recruiting and Onboarding Team Lead

Nick French

Old Irving Park Supervisor


Diversity and Equity Clinical Lead, Forest Park Supervisor

Amy Johnston

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Gwen ehrhart


Director of Client Satisfaction


Benefits Coordinator


Not looking for counseling?

Urban Wellness offers additional services, like clinical supervision for therapists, private practice consultation, and workshops/presentations for schools and businesses. Click on the images below for more information about other services we offer.