GET TO KNOW your therapist

Jen Flaxman LCSW

Insurances I Accept:

  • Optum/United
  • Cigna
  • BCBS HMO Northshore
  • Humana (pending)
  • Aetna

Ages I work with:

  • 11+ Preferred
  • 3+

Languages I speak:

  • English

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Jen Flaxman and I am a cisgendered woman who uses she/hers pronouns. As a therapist, my goal is to support you on your therapeutic journey and that is an honor I take seriously. I enjoy working with teens, young adults, adults, couples and families. I am big on supporting people in creating meaningful change and learning coping skills that can make life better. I believe in client self-determination, and collaboration to support people in creating a life worth living. I bring my adaptability and diverse work experience to help clients grow.

I love working with:

  • Teens, young adults, and adults
  • Couples looking to improve their relationships/communication
  • Families looking to improve communication
  • People struggling with anxiety, depression, mood disorders,trauma symptoms, having co-occurring symptoms and/or difficulties with regulating emotions
  • People in recovery from eating disorders
  • People looking to learn and use coping skills
  • People navigating career difficulties or in job transitions

Some of my favorite approaches include:

DBT, IFS, CBT, mindfulness and somatic interventions, values work, self compassion, curiosity, motivational interviewing, Health at Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, All foods fit, expressive arts and anything creative.


Humaning is hard and I am here to support and be alongside you through your strengths and struggles. I use warmth, humor, creativity, and my dedication to social justice to empower clients. My hope is that we can create a trusting therapeutic relationship where you are able to show up with willingness and honesty. I never want anyone to feel judged or unsafe in my presence. I will guide you through learning new coping skills and increasing insight into whatever you may be struggling with. I will get curious and may ask challenging questions or encourage you to complete homework assignments. At the end of the day, the most important thing to me is building rapport so you feel comfortable to open up, challenge yourself and be vulnerable.

Beliefs section:

  • I believe therapy works best when there is willingness to create change and challenge yourself
  • I believe everyone is unconditionally worthy, capable, and deserving of creating change.
  • I believe in building a strong therapeutic relationship that supports making therapy a brave space to do challenging work
  • I believe that humaning is hard and that everyone deserves to learn coping skills that can make life a little easier
  • I believe that people are not their diagnoses, struggles or mistakes

What it’s like in a session with me

I keep sessions individualized to yours needs. Usually, I like to start off inquiring about any emotions that may be showing up for you as well as have you identify any topics you want to ensure we cover. If it is fitting, we may start off with some mindfulness or grounding. I am open to being creative in building a comfortable space for you to be vulnerable whether that is using art, telling jokes or sharing memes. I am an imperfect weirdo here to support you in the complexiety of being a human.

More about me

I am a proud plant parent with an ever growing collection of over 50 house plants! I am obsessed with music and regularly attend concerts and music festivals, especially jam bands. Additionally, I love to travel, dance, create art, cook and eat! I am a big nature lover and can often be found daydreaming of the mountains or planning a trip to hike one. Humor is a necessity in my life so I often can be found cracking a joke.


Schedule your first appointment. For follow up appointments (existing clients), please contact your therapist at 773-774-4444.