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Erin Loughlin, LCPC

Hello! My name is Erin Loughlin.

I’m a clinical counselor. As a counselor I understand that it is often through our connection and relationship to others that we get better. I work with emerging adult and adult individuals on issues related to the questions “who am I?” and “How did I get here?” Specifically, I work with folks regarding all the stress, anxiety, depression, career questioning, and relationship issues that come along with growing-the-eff-up. Whether you’re 21, 41, 71, 91…there is always something new to learn about ourselves. My job is to help you navigate that process. There will be deep listening, there will be tough questions, there will be breakthroughs, any/all emotions will be welcome, and there will definitely be laughter.

Life is: falling down, getting back up and talking about it.​

Pete Holmes​


I can’t help but be myself. I’ve been told I make it easy to open up. I think that’s because I’m super present and super curious and it doesn’t take much to make me laugh. My goal is to help you learn to listen to yourself, trust your gut, understand your emotions and that you leave our time working together with a clearer sense of where you want to go from here. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start; we’ll figure that out together.


Life knocks down the best of us. And by “the best of us” I mean all of us.  Part of the work you’ll do with me in counseling is to gain an understanding of who/what/ when/where/why of what knocked you down in the first place. We’ll look for patterns and learn to assess potential obstacles for the future.  Falling down is inevitable; falling safely is a skill.  Learning that you don’t have to stay down is the goal.


The crucial step to any physical, psychological and emotional issue that’s leveled you is the question – how do you get back on your feet?  Often times this is what motivates people to come to counseling.  They’re not sure how to get back up. And sometimes trying to turn things around feels more risky then the discomfort we’re feeling. Together we’ll figure out what getting back up looks like for you and then work to make that happen.


It’s the counseling, y’all! Over and over I get to witness that first breath of relief my clients release after finally saying the thing they needed to say out loud in my office.  Counseling isn’t always easy, but having the opportunity to talk about what’s troubling you with a person (me!) whose only goal is to help you through it – that can make all the difference.


I’m a glutton for a good story. So outside of work you’ll probably find me at the movies, at a play, listening to a podcast, reading a book at the coffee shop while also eavesdropping on the conversation at the next table, and watching too much bingeable television. As much as I can include family and friends in all those activities is priority #1.


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