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Madeline Root

Hi! My name is Madeline Root.

I am a clinical social worker who works with children, teens, and adults who are facing some disruption to their daily lives that may be overwhelming to manage on their own. Whether you are struggling with everyday stressors or having trouble processing something that happened in the past, my goal is to help you identify these trigger areas, and then work with you to find solutions and strategies to empower you to overcome them. My role in therapy is to be your listening ear, your trauma steward, and your persistent advocate.

It’s ok to feel all the stuff you’re feeling. You’re not doing life wrong; you’re doing it right. If there’s any secret you’re missing, it’s that doing it right is really hard. Feeling all your feelings is hard, but that’s what they’re there for. Feelings are for feeling. All of them.​

Glennon Doyle​


I am a fan of an integrative approach to therapy. Therapy methods that work for one person may not work well for another person, and each therapeutic approach brings its own helpful perspectives. In therapy we can use elements of CBT (learning how our thoughts, actions, and emotions are related), DBT (learning to tolerate and manage uncomfortable emotions, improve relationships, and be mindful of the present moment), narrative theory (developing our understanding of our experiences as a part of our life story), and NMT (learning how our brain’s structure can affect our ability to cope with stressors) to meet your identified goals.

I love to incorporate creativity in whatever way feels natural for you, whether through art or musical exploration, or even coloring during a session. I also speak Spanish, so if you have a primarily Spanish-speaking family member that you want to include in your therapy appointments at times, we can bridge that communication gap together and truly help your family understand how they can best support you in your journey to self-improvement.


Sometimes what we need most when going through a trying time is to speak and really be heard. Perhaps the people who you have already tried to confide in misunderstand you, or make you feel worse about whatever you finally had the courage to share. Perhaps you’ve been too scared tell anyone at all. I believe everyone deserves a chance to be heard and understood. Within our therapeutic relationship, you can feel comfortable to share what’s on your mind and know that I WANT to hear what you have to say. That’s what I’m here for! Then together, we can sift through your experiences and figure out what works best for you to start to heal.


What happens to us in our lives can sometimes be out of our control, and being out of control can feel scary. However, how we respond to and interpret what has happened to us can be very much within our control. You may be having a perfectly normal response to something abnormal that has happened to you. My job is to help provide you with the support, knowledge, and tools to help make sense of that thing that happened.


I am a proud feminist in the full sense of the word. I feel no stronger calling than supporting women and all other people (including men!) who experience oppression due to their gender identity, sexual orientation, or race. My approach is strengths-based. Every person has unique strengths, and I intend to help you identify those within yourself, and then find out how you can use those strengths to improve your daily life.


I like to practice what I preach! Meaning in my spare time, I include a LOT of self-care. For me that means lots of running (there’s usually a marathon somewhere on my horizon), crafting (sewing, crocheting, coloring, you name it), or spending time with friends and family. I also have an adorably aggressive fat cat named Zelda, for when I need some extra snuggles.


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