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Hey! I’m Ciara Thomas.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with teen-adult populations in managing stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, and life transitions. My goal is to promote emotional well-being by working alongside individuals as they work to cope with life challenges, grow in their self-awareness, and empower clients to reach their full potential. I also specialize in working with Black communities, specifically Black women, who have experienced challenges and stressors based on systemic practices.

When we liberate ourselves from the expectation that we must have all things figured out, we enter a sanctuary of empathy

Sonya Renee Taylor


My approach to fostering therapeutic relationships is client-centred and strength-based. Together, we will work on identifying and achieving goals that will lead to you living a life of joy and fulfillment. I am also the Diversity and Inclusion Clinical Lead at UW, working with the leadership team to support the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices at Urban Wellness.

We are not defined by our past experiences or struggles.

I believe in lifting up the gifts and talents of people to support them in their personal growth and healing. Therapy can lead to powerful, transformative change. I am an advocate for reducing the negative stigmas associated with mental health. We all deserve to feel happy and liberated. With compassion, support and
guidance, therapy can empower people to identify and develop the tools they need to feel
capable of managing their life circumstances and be the best versions of themselves.


I am passionate about social justice, and I am an advocate for human rights and removing barriers to ensure that all people have equitable opportunities to succeed in life. I have a background in systems-change work that includes working with public schools and community collaborations in enhancing equity and creating safe and inclusive environments.

In my downtime, you will most likely find me watching reality TV, listening to music, and dancing to Beyonce songs. I enjoy spending time with my husband, friends and family. I am a huge foodie and a self-proclaimed chef! Part of my self-care routine involves trying out new dishes and playing the show “Chopped” in my kitchen to see what new recipes I can come up with. I also enjoy going to concerts and traveling; live music and exploring brings me joy!


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