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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Urban Wellness, we are committed to social justice and anti-racism. We are dedicated to providing services to individuals, couples, and families that are accessible, culturally relevant, and free of stigma.

Here at Urban Wellness, we celebrate and affirm all backgrounds and identities. We strive to provide a brave space where voices can be heard and liberated.

GET TO KNOW your therapist

Carolina Kuhl, LSW

“All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.” — A Native American Proverb

Insurances I Accept:


Ages I work with:

  • 4+

Languages I speak:

  • English
  • Spanish

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Carolina Kuhl (Cah-roh-lee-nah, she/hers)

I am a Guatemalan-Polish American, bisexual, neurodivergent woman. I am a social worker that works with folks from all walks of life. The thought of starting therapy can be overwhelming, but I appreciate you for making the effort to figure out what’s best for you! It’s never late to start watering the wilted parts of yourself you’ve forgotten about. Sometimes you may need more space to process and grow, or a chisme break. Whatever it is, we can sort through life’s uncertainties together. Aquí puedes tomar su tiempo, you can take your time here and find the pilas or batteries our people keep asking us to get.

I love working with:

  • Latine, BIPOC, Multicultural, and LGBTQIA2S+ folks
  • Children and adolescents
  • Emerging young adults
  • First gen immigrants, children of immigrants
  • Folks going through life transitions
  • Folks with identity or self-esteem struggles
  • Folks in activism or grassroots organizing

Some of my favorite approaches include:

CBT, feeling all the feels, building body awareness through somatic therapy, letting words or art flow through creative arts or narrative therapies, exploring your personal histories and daily life through motivational interviewing and talk therapy. I provide a space for folks to explore how systems of oppression, or other major factors or disparities may contribute to mental health struggles through liberation , cultural-relational, and decolonial therapy approaches. I also support the development of relationships between your inner child/self, family, friends, community, and nature.


I welcome you as you are and encourage you to recognize that you are the expert of your life, and that you have the capacity to achieve your goals by putting in the work. We will collaborate to start a treatment plan that you’re comfortable with to track your therapy goals and progress.

What it’s like in a session with me

When working with kiddos, you can expect me to bust out some board games, therapy games, sand play or activities relevant to your child’s needs and goals. If you’d like to engage in those activities too, let me know because they’re not just for kids! In general when working with me, you can show up on your best or worst days and expect to be met with the same safe environment you need to be yourself. You’re welcome to bring your fidget toys, journal, art, your favorite snack or drink, your favorite tunes, or anything else that brings you comfort to session. You’re always welcome to reflect on what’s working and what’s not working to ensure we are going in the right direction for your goals. All expressions, tears, laughs, reactions, wonderings, and sensory needs are accepted; there’s no right or wrong way to show up to therapy!

More about me

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and my two cats. I also enjoy reading new books, discovering new music especially from different cultures or languages, exploring nature, volunteering, going to concerts, road tripping, and supporting local businesses and events. I love cooking and trying new restaurants and foods, especially spicy food. One of my favorite pastimes are watching comfort movies or shows, taking care of my plants, or going to the Lakeshore trail at night to hear the waves and look at the skyline. Hope we can connect and collaborate soon!


Schedule your first appointment. For follow up appointments (existing clients), please contact your therapist at 773-774-4444.