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Carolina Cotts, LCSW

Welcome & Hello! My name is Carolina Cotts.

I am a first generation college graduate, proud Latina and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker; I am a partner in your journey to healing. I work with individuals of all walks of life who seek guidance and support while navigating life’s many challenges. My goal is to help you find balance and become the best version of you. In the past, my focus has been with teens and young adults though I enjoy working with individuals across the lifespan.

My focuses include:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Parenting
  • Substance Use
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Trauma

Be the person you needed when you were younger.​



Therapy works best when you and your therapist are committed to the process of healing and are consistent in doing so. My job as your therapist is to provide a non-judgemental environment that helps you freely express yourself. Your job is to do your “homework” between sessions.

I believe that change is possible when you’re open and honest about what you need and allow yourself to ask for help. I’m a good listener and offer a safe space.


What the mind believes the body will follow, so nurturing the mind, body, and spirit is vital to the healing process. I believe in empowering individuals, to find their inner strength of resilience to heal from their past. I also believe in doing my part in bridging the gap between mental health services for POC.


People are worthy of unconditional love and have a strength of resilience waiting to be awakened. I believe you have the right to heal without asking for permission.


I am currently accepting new clients and invite you to email or call to schedule an initial appointment. I’m excited to connect with you.

Yes, at times I may give you homework but don’t worry, no pop quizzes 🙂 Was that funny? I swear I’m funny, you’ll see. In addition to being funny, a good listener and non-judgemental, I’m also non traditional in the way I practice, I’m definitely your hype girl with a little bit of hood and a whole lot of Jesus.

Hola, soy Carolina Cotts, Trabajadora Social Clínica. Trabajo con personas de todas las edades que necesitan apoyo con las transiciones de la vida.


Schedule your first appointment. For follow up appointments (existing clients), please contact your therapist at 773-774-4444.