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Kenan Pojskic, LMFT

“The Past: Our cradle, not our prison; there is danger as well as appeal in its glamour. The past is for inspiration, not imitation, for continuation, not repetition.” – Israel Zangwill

Insurances I Accept:

  • BCBS HMO Northshore
  • Humana
  • Optum/United Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Aetna

Ages I work with:

  • 12+ (but I do work with younger ones as a part of family therapy)

Languages I speak:

  • English
  • Bosnian (includes Croatian and Serbian)

Who Am I?

Hi I am Kenan Pojskic (k EH – n uh n, he/him) I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I believe that every individual is a part of something bigger; be it a friendship, partnership, marriage, family, community, neighborhood, or a workplace. My goal is to help you and your loved ones find what stands in your way of having healthy communication patterns and ultimately form safe, happy, emotionally and physically satisfying relationships. While I tend to utilize a more systematic approach to therapy, I also work with individuals on issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, parenting, and assimilation/acculturation.

I love working with:

  • Couples who are facing various challenges in their stage of the relationship (from divorce, to 
    infidelity, to being unable to communicate in a healthy manner)
  • Teens and adults who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and life challenges (transitions, lack of self esteem, not being understood)
  • Individuals who are struggling with acculturation/assimilation issues, relationship challenges (both romantic and family of origin), and parenting 

Some of my favorite approaches include:

Solution-oriented, systematic, family systems therapy, Gottman. I like borrowing techniques from many approaches and try my best to fit the clients’ needs.


As with most things, effective therapy doesn’t have a “one size fits all” approach that works for everyone. I pride myself on adapting to the needs of my clients and their therapeutic goals. I believe that each client comes into therapy with unique and complex challenges, and I draw from several different modalities to tailor treatment to the individual. I draw from solution-oriented approach to have clients focus on solutions that are realistic and achievable given their skills, abilities, and goals. When presented with families and couples, I tend to draw from Gottman’s techniques to focus on the positive traits the relationships have/had and try to awaken to ever-present love family members have for each other (but was maybe lost along the way!). All of the approaches that I use also have a heavy systematic portion to them that will have me asking you about various relationships in your life and how they affect you as a person in the present.

Beliefs section:

Every relationship and family is an intricate web of communication patterns that sometimes needs
to be untangled, strengthened, and explored. My goal as a therapist is to have all those present at
the sessions to speak their minds, learn to read each other’s emotions, and go home and tell each
other “we don’t need this guy anymore, we got this!”

I strongly believe that we are never alone, and due to this, all issues that people consider to be
“individual” issues are somehow affected by things arounds you. Be it depression, anxiety, ADHD,
anger issues, all of them can be looked at through a systematic lens. During our sessions, we will
explore how to cope with various symptoms, but we will also explore how to develop necessary
social supports to get us get there. We will also explore how others around us are impacting the
symptoms and how we can approach these individuals so our symptoms aren’t worsened.
Remember, you are never alone!

I strive to build a strong rapport with every client I see and I am open to any suggestions,
complaints, thoughts, and questions one might have during our sessions. I encourage open
communication, so be free to tell me how you would like to be helped.

What it’s like in a session with me

I tend to start off simple – “How was your week?”. From there, anything is fair- from crying to laughing about things you never expected you could cry or laugh about since you never felt the other person who is talking with you would accept your tears or jokes. I let clients lead the sessions and while I will do my best to keep us on track, I can’t make any promises that we might not get lost in your interests/passions! Comfort and understanding are two words that I would like my sessions to be ruled By.

More about me

Having a career that is so grounded in reality, I had to develop hobbies that are anything but! Video games, movies, shows, anything superhero related – all of these are fair game when it comes to me playing them, watching them, or daydreaming about them. I often surprise parents and their children when I start asking them questions about what media is consumed and for how long. Sorry kids, I will tell your parents what might be inappropriate for you, and sorry parents, I will tell you why it’s important for you to explore your children’s interests! I do enjoy traveling as well and spending time in nature.


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