Journaling Prompts to Work Through Anxiety

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Journaling prompts to work through anxiety  Do you ever find yourself wanting to write down your thoughts, but you’re not sure where to begin? When you have a million and one thoughts floating around in your brain, it can be intimidating to even think about starting to write them down. Journaling is a valuable [...]

Showing Up for Our Values, Northwest Side

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A Message From Urban Wellness Founder, Maureen Werrbach, LCPC The past few weeks have been very hard and very heavy.⁣ We’re seeing the culmination of COVID and quarantining and the mental health effects of that building up, along with the growing unrest, awakening, learning and unlearning our country (and the world) is experiencing around [...]

Self Care in a Crisis

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If you’re having trouble practicing self-care right now, in the midst of a national crisis, you are not alone. There is so much happening in the world that feels out of our control, and the constant exposure to tragedy can make you feel overwhelmed, burned out, and emotionally exhausted. And when we feel those [...]

Affirmations: What They Are and How to Use Them

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What’s an affirmation? Have you ever used an affirmation? Affirmations just are short, positive statements. We use them to affirm positive feelings within ourselves–about ourselves, our talents, our capabilities, our jobs, our relationships, anything.  And while that may seem a little silly–saying something positive to yourself in the hopes that you will eventually believe [...]

How to Spot Child Anxiety

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Although many of us don’t get much of an education on mental health in the United States, a lot of folks understand that mental health issues are part of adult life for many people. One thing many people don’t know, though, is that mental health conditions don’t necessarily discriminate by age. Though many folks [...]

7 Ways to be Gentle with Yourself Today

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When was the last time you were gentle with yourself? Most of us don’t make a habit of being gentle with ourselves. We set ourselves lots of goals, put ourselves under lots of pressure, and feel the need to go go go until we burn out. Many of us don’t even consider our own [...]

How to Teach Your Young Child About Mental Health

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Even in 2020, mental health is still a very stigmatized topic in the United States. People might not know exactly why they feel this way, but it’s common for folks to have negative attitudes and beliefs about mental illness. Some of this comes from our lack of standardized education on mental health topics and [...]

13 Books to Help Strengthen Your Relationships

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Relationships take a lot of work. While the good times feel easy and wonderful, there are times of conflict in every relationship. And, there are a lot of things about relationships, boundaries, compromising, and communicating effectively, that most of us just don’t learn. (Until we have to learn them the hard way.) Sometimes we [...]

Setting Boundaries While Social Distancing

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Setting boundaries in the best of times can feel hard an unfamiliar. But now, in the midst of COVID-19, as we’re all trying to remain as social as possible while still social distancing, setting boundaries seems even trickier.  How can we balance the need for our own space with the need to remain connected [...]

10 Ways You Can Support Someone Grieving During The Coronavirus Crisis

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*Article contribution by Maureen Werrbach, LCPC for HuffPost. "For someone who has recently gone through a loss, understand that "one of the best things you can do as a friend, family member or support person, is to hold space for them," said Maureen Werrbach, owner of Urban Wellness Counseling in Chicago. All too often, we [...]

How To Prepare For An Online Therapy Session

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Part of adjusting to the new “normal” of life during the coronavirus pandemic is learning how to connect digitally instead of in person. There are lots of social activities that have transferred to a digital space - exercise classes, seminars, book clubs, happy hours - humans are pretty resourceful! It can feel a bit [...]

8 Ways to Support the Mental Health of Children and Teens During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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*Article contribution by Maureen Werrbach, LCPC for Thrive Global. “Modeling, showing your kids how to manage their emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors with how you manage those things yourself, is such an important action we can take as parents right now. With increased time together and a need for kids to learn how to [...]

How Therapists Are Taking Care of their Own Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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*Article contribution by Maureen Werrbach, LCPC for Thrive Global. “It’s more important than ever now that therapists find ways to pivot in order to self care while continuing to care for clients via teletherapy. One simple way to do this is by setting longer breaks between client sessions (ie 10-15 minutes) to get up [...]

Self Care In Self-Quarantine

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Last week we talked about why now is the perfect time to talk to a therapist. But that’s not the only way to take care of yourself while self quarantining and practicing social distancing! With the shift to working from home and enforcing social distancing, all of our routines need to change. And it’s [...]

How to Fight Fair in Your Relationship

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Conflict, in any relationship, is inevitable.  No matter how perfect you and your partner are for one another, no matter how much you love each other, and no matter how much you usually bring out the best in each other–it’s just a fact of life. You are different people. And the differences that make [...]

Daily Habits to Help Manage Anxiety

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If you’ve ever lived with anxiety, you know that it’s a daily struggle. We all feel stressed out from time to time, sure, but stress and chronic anxiety are not one and the same. A simple way of explaining anxiety is that it is your body’s response to having too many worries. What makes [...]

14 Books to Teach Your Kid About Mental Health

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A few weeks ago, we talked about helping your kids understand and manage their anger. But anger isn’t the only big emotion kids need help with sometimes!  Learning to navigate their own complex feelings, new friendships and relationships, and discovering themselves all at the same time can be overwhelming. And often, because it is [...]

8 Screen-Free Hobbies to Try for Self-Care

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When was the last time you spent significant time away from a screen? Do you have any screen-free hobbies? Most of us need to look at screens for work or school, but many of us also unwind by looking at our phones or tablets in our free time. This is true year-round for lots [...]

8 Ways Setting Boundaries Can Transform Your Relationships

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When you hear the word, “boundaries,” what do you think of? In a relationship context, boundaries are both necessary and helpful. Even though boundaries are a part of every relationship we have, folks tend to think of setting a boundary as something that means the relationship is unhealthy. However, establishing a boundary in a [...]

How To Prioritize Self-Care

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Self-care: you’ve heard of it. It’s everywhere. It is an idea commonly used to sell you millennial pink bath products, but it is actually so much more than that. Self-care is basically just improving the relationship you have with yourself. How often do you think about the relationship you have with yourself? What do [...]

3 Things People Should Know About Grief

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As a therapist I have sat face to face with people during some of the darkest and most painful moments of their lives. When I was just starting out, I have to be honest, grief used to make me uncomfortable. I always wondered what can I possibly say that could help? What can I do to lessen [...]

Life Lessons for Twentysomethings

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Dear twentysomethings, Have you read The Defining Decade by Meg Jay? No? You should! I always thought that 30 was the new 20. My twenties were supposed to be about traveling, exploring and finding myself. Thought that too? Well, according to psychologist Meg Jay, that’s not exactly 100% true. The twenties are supposed to [...]

Boundary Basics

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Setting boundaries is an important life skill. We all need boundaries because they help protect us, but they help out the other people in our life too.  A boundary marks a limit and we all have limits. Boundaries come in many forms in our lives and it’s important to know what your boundary is, [...]

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

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What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? You may have heard someone saying things like, “my OCD is kicking in”, or “I’m so OCD”, but does that person really have OCD? Being particular about where you like things placed in your house or being picky about your appearance or food etc. are preferences, generally not OCD. [...]

Cubs Win and So Can You! Life Lessons from The Stands – Changing the Way You Think

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108 years passed until the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. That’s a long time. More than a lifetime of waiting for most. Years of struggles, crushed hopes, and many transitions all match what each and every one of us go through during day to day living. A few standouts are: Dealing with disappointment [...]

3 Ways to Stop Anger in its Tracks

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3 Ways to Stop Anger in its Tracks. Anger is often very prevalent in our lives, even though we may not initially recognize anger’s emotional patterns and how they exist in our daily activities. It’s helpful to identify what may precipitate anger, in order to help manage its strength. Things that may contribute to [...]