Cubs Win and So Can You! Life Lessons from The Stands – Changing the Way You Think

108 years passed until the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. That’s a long time. More than a lifetime of waiting for most. Years of struggles, crushed hopes, and many transitions all match what each and every one of us go through during day to day living. A few standouts are: Dealing with disappointment [...]

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3 Ways to Stop Anger in its Tracks

3 Ways to Stop Anger in its Tracks. Anger is often very prevalent in our lives, even though we may not initially recognize anger’s emotional patterns and how they exist in our daily activities. It’s helpful to identify what may precipitate anger, in order to help manage its strength. Things that may contribute to [...]

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Old Sayings Relevant for Today’s Parenting

Stop and smell the roses It seems as if children are just born to relish in their surroundings. The littlest things make them laugh and their wonder never ceases. The small things really are amazing and are incredibly important, yet as parents we dismiss them often. Too busy, stressed out, and exhausted. Losing sight [...]

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Holiday First Aid

Sparkly lights, jingle bells, elves on shelves, ribbons and wrappings, all reveal holiday fanfare. The dreams of perfection, good feels, and the carrying on of traditions…it can be a lot. What do you do when the spirit of the season isn’t always welcomed with the warm and fuzzys, but instead a, “wake me when it’s [...]

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Art Therapy Demystified

Art Therapy Demystified and Explained Art therapy is a form of counseling utilized in a therapeutic setting to begin a personal journey encompassing emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing through art. Art therapists are trained in counseling, art therapy, and art. Think counseling with the added bonus of having an additional specialty, say like someone that [...]

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Parenting A-Z

Parenting A-Z: Keeping it simple. Parenting is an indescribable job that changes at any moment, without permission or readiness. Here are a few friendly reminders that raising a human being can be tricky from time to time, but workable. A-Argue less. Lots of stuff can be angering…if you let it be. It takes more energy to [...]

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