Relationship Rescue 101

Stuck in a relationship rut? Do you seem to be “off” from your partner, no matter how much you try to connect? You, like many, may be struggling to improve the bonds in your relationship and feel like your efforts are futile. Many couples come to therapy and say that they need to communicate [...]

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New Year, New You?

So, you survived the holidays. The endless Christmas carols, flooding of your inbox with sales and last-minute deals, and the ever-present temptation of sweets everywhere you look. The end of the calendar year brings about the anticipation of a new year—an opportunity for a fresh start, making changes, ridding yourself of unhealthy habits, and [...]

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Expressing to Connect: Dance/Movement Therapy for People with Dementia

Expressing to Connect: Dance/Movement Therapy for People with Dementia As the population of older adults is increasing, it is relevant and necessary to find therapies that are effective in working with memory loss and other issues that older adults face. More and more research is being done regarding expressive therapies in older adults with dementia [...]

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Using Movement to Heal Trauma

Using Movement to Heal from Trauma It appears every time we tune into the news, something catastrophic is happening. We are all exposed to trauma on many levels, multiple times a day. As traumatic events seem to be more and more prevalent (or perhaps just more publicized), there is a need to understand how to [...]

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