Five Reasons People Avoid Therapy

5 Reasons People Avoid Therapy We all have points in our lives where what we're doing, how we're experiencing the world, and the obstacles we are facing become overwhelming or daunting. From maintaining healthy relationships to the nagging negative thoughts that came from our childhoods, to balancing work, personal life, friendships, and family obligations, we [...]

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The Stigma of Therapy

The Stigma of Therapy Recently, I have been hearing more and more of the stigma people have towards therapy. We are brought up in a world that has high expectations but told we should never crumble or need help. I saw a 7 year old client that stated during our first session, “I don’t [...]

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6 Things Your Therapist Wishes She Could Tell You ( And Make You Really Believe)

6 Things Your Therapist Wishes She Could Tell You ( And Make You Really Believe)  1) I've been there too.  As therapists, we are taught about the dangers of revealing too much of our own experiences. It is not that we are super secretive, it is that sharing too much may taint your experience and influence your feelings, [...]

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Therapy, Culture & Stigma

By: Fariha Newaz, LCSW, CADC Going to therapy does not make you crazy, it does not mean that something is wrong with you. But in my culture, being South Asian American (Americans of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, etc. descent), it is not discussed. We don't talk about depression, anxiety, or the fact that sometimes [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Counseling

If you are trying therapy out for the first time or maybe returning to counseling, I hope the information below if helpful as you start this journey. Something tells me you are in counseling because you want something to be different, and that has lead you here. Here are some tips to help you make the most [...]

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