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5 Ways That Being More Independent Can Lead to a Better You!

5 Ways That Being Independent Can Lead to a Better You

Being independent can add an additional layer to being happy. There have been so many times in life that we make choices because of someone else. Sometimes we don’t trust our own judgment. We sometimes look for the approval of others before we make a decision. Getting feedback is great and very important, but solely looking for another person’s approval can be unhealthy. So, here are 5 ways being more independent can lead to a better you!
 1. Confidence Booster
  When you are more independent you make choices and take action based on what you think is best for you. You don’t have to wait for permission from someone else to make that choice. It leads you to be able to handle issues more effectively which means the more you do it, the more you have already tackled difficult tasks. You will try new things, learn to overcome challenges and it will help you grow which will then lead to more confidence!
2. Better decision making
Once you have gotten more confident handling difficult situations, you have learned that you can make a better decision. The choices you make impact you the most so you learn to make the best choices for you. Yes, these choices can impact your family or relationships but you gained that confidence to trust your instincts. You should think about how your choices impact others, but also you should not be afraid to make a healthy choice due to the fear of someone else’s response. Being more independent will help you learn to make choices that help you go forward not hold you back.
3. Emotional independence can reduces stress
When we’re emotionally independent and have gained some confidence, we know that we can better manage our emotions and problem solve. When we don’t have to wait for someone else to solve our problem for us, it decreases our own stress. Because let’s face it, life is stressful! But waiting for someone else to make a decision at times or to validate our choice can add additional stress. The better we are at addressing our own stresses can empower us, and being empowered gives us back that control. The more we can focus on the things we can control, the better we can handle our stress!
4. Going for what you want
By the time that you have figured out that how being independent has helped you, you can then go further than you thought possible. It opens up so many opportunities. Instead of asking why something won’t work, you are in a mind space that tells you all the reasons why something could work. It opens you up to new people, new places, new adventures, more creativity, more freedom…I could go on. But because you have already tackled the better decision making, reduced stress, and that confidence, you know you can do anything which means you will go for more of what you want! This is how you grow, by challenging yourself to go for those things that might have made you uncomfortable and accomplishing it.
5. It helps increase Self-esteem and Self-worth!
By the time that you have gained all this independence, it should come to no surprise that you have increased your self-esteem and self-worth. You have gone out there and tackled those tough things. You’ve tried new things and been successful. You have decreased your stress and made better decisions. All of these actions positively impact your self-worth and how you see yourself and how others view you.
So go out there, be a little more independent and see how you feel!

About the Author

Fariha Newaz

Fariha Newaz, LCPC, CADC is a therapist at our Edison Park location. Fariha works with adolescents, young adults, adults, and couples. Fariha’s specialties include depression, anxiety, substance use, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, multicultural concerns, and South Asians specific concerns. If you are interested in working with Fariha, send an email today!