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4 “Boring” Self Care Ideas to Try Today

4 "Boring" Self Care Ideas to Try Today

We’ve talked about the importance of self-care many times before. But one thing to remember about taking care of yourself is that it’s not always fun! Some important ways we take care of ourselves are actually really boring. Boring self-care isn’t fun to put on Instagram, and it usually feels more like a chore than like an extravagance. But it can help improve our relationships with ourselves, which can help us show up fully in other areas of our lives. 

If you haven’t considered the un-fun ways to take care of yourself, now’s the time! Here are 4 easy ways to get started thinking about boring self-care: 

Take stock of what’s in your kitchen

Part of boring self-care is staying organized. One of the most important ways we can take care of ourselves is by making sure we’re providing ourselves with lots of nourishment. Take a look at what’s in your kitchen. Do you have food you like to eat? Do you have ingredients for recipes you like to make? 

When we’re struggling, with mental health, social conflicts, community unrest, etc, sometimes feeding ourselves takes a back seat. Especially with so many delivery options readily available. But take a look at what you have on hand. Ask yourself: 

  • Do I keep buying food I don’t use?
  • Do I stock my kitchen for the person I wish I was instead of the person I am?
  • Do I have things I can put together quickly, for the days I’m feeling low energy?
  • Do I have things I enjoy cooking, to help me look forward to taking care of my nourishing routines?

Refill your prescriptions

Not usually what we think of when we think of self-care, but it’s important! Take a look at your prescription medications if you have them. Are you running low? You can even call your pharmacy and ask to have your prescriptions mailed to you when they need to be refilled–that way there’s no lag time between when you run out of your prescription and when you find time to pick the refill up from the pharmacy. 

Consider your routine

Think about what you do each day. What serves you and what doesn’t? This doesn’t have to mean “what is productive and what isn’t” but consider what you value in your day. Do you have habits that don’t serve you? These would be habits that don’t help your growth, help you take care of yourself, or that don’t add enjoyment to your day. 

Do you order out every night instead of cooking? Instead, maybe pick one or two nights a week to order out from your favorite places. That way ordering can be something special that you look forward to, instead of a habit you fall into accidentally. 

Do you go running because you want an easy way to get some exercise into your day? Think about other things you like to do. How can you fit movement into those things? Do you like music? Put on your favorite album and dance around! Do you live in a vibrant neighborhood? Throw your sneakers on and walk around, really taking time to enjoy your surroundings! 

Look over your budget

Money is a huge stressor for many people. Sometimes, it can feel so stressful that we even avoid looking over our bank accounts and budgets! And then it gets longer and longer between when we revisit our budget and that adds even more stress. 

Pick one day a month where you have your only commitment to look over your budget. The rest of the day can be spent however you like–as long as you check in on your finances first. Doing it regularly will help you get a better idea of what your finances really are, and will help to decrease the stress of not knowing how you’re doing. 

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to work for you. Even if everything on your list seems like it’s just boring self-care, it’s still an important aspect of the practice. Luckily, there’s no self-care judge, and there’s not really a wrong way to do it. Just be honest with yourself about how you feel and what you need, and build from there.

If you need assistance figuring out your goals or values or brainstorming ways to practice self-care, we can help!

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