You get drawn into your thoughts and have trouble getting back to the present moment. It seems like every time you try to climb out of the quicksand, another worry sucks you back in.

You’re ready to get a handle on your anxiety and be able to participate in your life without the constant angst.

Whenever you have something that bothers you, you have trouble letting it go. It’s really hard for you to simply acknowledge your worry and send it on its way.

Instead, it’s like a spiral in your head and you keep finding yourself walking the same path with your thoughts. Nothing you do seems to stop your thoughts and sometimes you even feel called to certain behaviors with the hopes they will make your anxiety finally go away.

You find yourself worrying way too much, and you’re starting to believe your worries will come true.

Every day you do whatever you can to avoid facing your anxiety. You’re hiding from certain things and certain people just to avoid triggering an anxious response.

You’re terrified that people are going to notice how much you struggle to keep it together. You know your worry is preventing you from living life the way you’d like to and that it’s going to take working with a therapist to start feeling normal again.

As of now, you’re coping with your anxiety, but getting therapy could make life so much better.

When You Seek Counseling for Anxiety with Urban Wellness

  • You will stop running from everything that makes you anxious, be present in the experience, and actually start to face your fears
  • You will keep yourself from avoiding people, places, and situations that cause you distress
  • You will acknowledge anxious thoughts when they arise and prevent them from making you spiral out of control
  • You will connect with others again without feeling crazy or like something is “wrong” with you
  • You will learn what behaviors are healthy for reducing anxiety and which are compulsions that make it worse

Who Benefits Most from Therapy?

Counseling for anxiety is best for those who need help cutting through the mental quicksand and creating clarity in their thoughts. Counseling helps you understand the reasons behind your fears, worries, and dread and address them, so you can start to heal.

You will benefit from anxiety focused therapy sessions if:

  • You are having physical responses to your anxiety such as sweating, chest pain, or trouble sleeping
  • You are starting to behave in ways that feel unnatural to you in order to keep your anxiety from getting worse
  • You are feeling isolated because your anxiety keeps you from going places or trying new things
  • You need help recognizing the things that trigger your anxiety and how best to respond to them
  • You want to find the courage to understand and face your fears

There are certain situations where you might not be ready for counseling sessions with Urban Wellness. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Instances of severe mental illness
  • Ongoing substance abuse

If you are currently experiencing a severe mental illness, we recommend you seek outpatient services at a local program like Thresholds. If you are currently experiencing substance abuse or dependence, please see our other specialized service.


What The Anxiety Counseling Process Looks Like

Counseling is meant to help you reclaim their daily functioning and stop being scared of the things that trigger their anxiety. Together, you and your therapist will strive to reduce your ruminating thoughts, dread, and physical responses to anxiety. You will figure out how to better manage your thoughts and compulsions so that you can face each moment without fear.You and your therapist will meet together weekly for 55-minute sessions.  Therapy is best done with at least an 8-week commitment. We find that clients who cannot commit to at least 8 weekly sessions and meet less than weekly tend to have more difficulty in establishing a relationship with their therapist and often spend their sessions recapping the previous weeks instead of focusing on forward movement. After 8 weekly sessions, you and your therapist can discuss the movement toward your treatment goals and whether reducing sessions to biweekly or terminating therapy is the next step.

Here’s what to expect:

WEEK ONE: Intake

During this initial session, you will meet with your therapist to define the counseling relationship and discuss the details of informed consent. Your therapist will gather information about you and your biological, psychological, and social history and how this is impacting your current situation. You will also discuss the goals you have going forward together.

WEEK TWO and Beyond: Therapy for Adults with Anxiety

Together, in each subsequent session, you and your counselor will use evidenced-based therapy to treat the struggles you are experiencing after your traumatic event. For symptoms of OCD, your counselor will likely use Exposure and Response Prevention as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness for other forms of anxiety.

Each session is designed for you to face the root causes of your anxiety and develop an understanding of how to overcome them. Together, you and your counselor will work to reclaim your ability to think clearly and handle any situation that comes your way without doubt or worry.

Therapists at Urban Wellness focus on providing a safe space for you to process and discuss any issues that arise from your anxiety. With their help, you can learn skills to help you cope with whatever makes you anxious.

TERMINATION: 1-2 Final Sessions

In your final sessions, you will review your goals to ensure you are satisfied with your counseling experience and that the work with your therapist has met your expectations. You will also outline a plan going forward so that you are able to retain what you and your counselor have worked on together and implement all you have learned outside of session.

More About Urban Wellness

Urban Wellness Helps the Members of Our Community Thrive

Our practice is designed to meet the needs of everyone in our community by offering a variety of counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Our counselors vary in their expertise, working with clients across the lifespan with a wide range of issues and it is our goal to find the therapist that is the right fit for you and your loved ones. We are constantly growing our specialties through education and supervision so that we can continue to help our clients and provide therapy for the whole family.

Regardless of the cause, experiencing anxiety in your life can be debilitating. Maybe you’re feeling reluctance to leave your house or engage in social situations. Or your heart races every time you drive past the scene of an accident. Or you might find yourself continuing to think about what-if situations even when they are very unlikely. We can help–this is a safe place. Urban Wellness’ anxiety focused therapists can provide you with the help and space you need to begin to navigate through anything that causes you to worry.

What Will You Pay for Counseling?

Counseling is a fee for service program and Urban Wellness accepts all major forms of payment.

Initial sessions cost $170 and each follow-up session costs $145 and we recommend at least an 8-week commitment.

Urban Wellness accepts insurance and offer in network and out of network benefits. We accept BCBS PPO, Humana, and United Healthcare insurances, at their contracted rates. For your convenience, we will do a benefit check on your behalf and notify you of our in network or out of network benefits. Copays, deductibles or any out of pocket costs are due at the time of service.

Your Next Steps

You are capable of getting out of bed and facing the day without panicking. It is possible to accept the unknown about your life and move forward while feeling like you will be ok even if something bad does happen. You will be able to experience new situations without feeling terrified that something will be out of your control.

It’s true your anxiety has made you question your ability to live a full life, but that does not mean you cannot start to get a handle on the things that shut you down. Urban Wellness can help. Call +1 (773) 774-4444×0, email intake@urbanwellnesscounseling.com, or fill the form out below to schedule your Anxiety Counseling session today.