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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Urban Wellness, we are committed to social justice and anti-racism. We are dedicated to providing services to individuals, couples, and families that are accessible, culturally relevant, and free of stigma.

Here at Urban Wellness, we celebrate and affirm all backgrounds and identities. We strive to provide a brave space where voices can be heard and liberated.

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Overcoming Test Anxiety to Master Standardized Tests

Overcoming Test Anxiety to Master Standardized Tests

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Overcoming Test Anxiety to Master Standardized Tests

Presented by: Charmaine Jake-Matthews, LCPC  (1 hour)

It’s common to feel a little bit nervous before a test, but for some, test anxiety can feel overwhelming and unmanageable. You might experience nausea, headaches, racing thoughts, panic, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms or tightness in your chest. You might have trouble concentrating or remembering things you know you know. Test anxiety can impact your performance and test score, but it doesn’t have to! Join Charmaine Jake-Matthews, LCPC as she helps you understand factors that contribute to test anxiety, improve your study skills, and learn the tricks of successful test-taking. You will leave this course feeling better prepared to take on your ACT, SAT, MCAT, GRE, LSAT or any exam without unnecessary stress.

  • Understand how lack of content knowledge, self-fulfilling prophecies and stereotype threats can impact your performance
  • Learn strategies for identifying, challenging and replacing self-defeating thoughts
  • Identify the value of dedicated time, focused study and mastery-based study

Urban Wellness is committed to providing equitable access to support for all community members. All Wellness Academy webinars are offered at a “Pay-what-you-can” (PWYC) rate. We appreciate your contribution to supporting community mental health and wellbeing at any level, whether you can pay $5 or $50. We believe mental health is vital, and wellbeing is for everyone.