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Stephanie Liebl, LPC, ATR-P

Hello! My name is Stephanie Liebl.

I am a clinical counselor and art therapist. My background has primarily been working with older children, adolescents, and adults in inpatient hospital settings. I have a strong interest in helping individuals struggling with identity issues and self-esteem issues. I also have a multitude of experience with depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-harming behaviour

"Putting your art out there is scary. But an iconic representation of what you FEEL and THINK can never truly be judged or replicated. Creativity & chaos are infectious.”

Jessica Addams


As a clinician, it is my goal to create a space safe for my clients. 

My hope is that my clients feel like they can bring difficult topics into session. From an artist perspective, I also hope I can create a space safe to explore through artistic medium and know there is no judgement. Not to mention, sometimes one needs a safe space to get a little messy and “let loose.” I’m not afraid to throw some paint with clients if there is a need. 

I believe

Being an art therapist means not only can I support my clients using more traditional talk therapy, but also through the use of art making. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the words to express exactly how we are feeling and creating art can be an excellent step into discovering more about one’s self. Not to mention, art can be a great coping mechanism when those uncomfortable feelings bubble up to the surface. 


When I’m not being a weird art lady, I have a huge love for animals- especially cats. Currently, I have 3 rescue cats, who are beautiful and amazing and sometimes incredibly annoying. I’m also a bit of a nerd and love going to comic and/or anime conventions (in full cosplay, of course.)


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