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Shannon Chien, LMFT

Hello! My name is Shannon Chien.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist passionate about working with romantic interactions and family dynamics of all shapes and sizes. I am particularly invested in helping cross-cultural relationships, immigrant families, and highly-mobile clients navigate differences in expectations of intimacy, responsibility, and accountability. Born in the US and raised in Taiwan, I am able to provide therapy services in both English and Mandarin.

Shannon Chien, LMFT

I received my master’s in marriage and family therapy from Northwestern University, and subsequently worked in residential care for adult substance use, followed by residential care for neurodivergent adolescents. Through leading a variety of teams, I became well-versed in navigating wraparound services upon discharge from residential treatment. For families struggling to bridge the gap between in-patient and out-patient support, I can assist with creating a structure that sustains and maintains the progress made at a higher level of care.

In addition to personalized care for family units, I also specialize in supporting couples navigating the transitional stress that comes with major life changes. Whether it is establishing road maps for vulnerable conversations, preparing for new relational horizons, or discerning relationship viability, I seek to help partners recognize their own culture and the events that led to habitual patterns. For individuals working on personal growth, I strive to create an environment that untangles internal conflicts to solidify consistent authenticity in one’s relationship with oneself.

As a therapist dedicated to relationships, my approach in session embodies the following principles:

Client feedback is essential to making clinical progress.

It is very important that you feel valued and understood during our meetings, while also safely challenged to try something different. I will frequently check in with everyone present to ensure that our time together is meaningful and productive.

Clients are always held with unconditional positive regard.

From our initial appointment to wrap-up session, you never need to earn “therapist approval” or worry about being judged for your decisions. We are all empowered with the agency to make choices, and my role is to support everyone present to experience alignment with their preferred way of being.


Outside of the office, I am actively learning how to decolonize therapy and advocate for increased social justice. I am trying to build a sustainable self-care routine that does not require bubble baths, watching a movie, or attending a yoga retreat.


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