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Lauren Fontana, LCSW

(Not currently accepting new clients)

Hey! My name is Lauren.

I am a clinical social worker. As a social worker I believe in change, I believe in the power of connection and I believe as Maya Angelou has once said ‘ When people know better they do better’. As a therapist, I work frequently with pre-adolescents and teens that struggle with self-esteem, peer conflict, anxiety, behavioral issues and family discord. In addition to working with a younger population, I also provide support and therapy services to adults who are in need of finding their voice, their value and minimizing their inner critic. I believe in my clients and will cheer them along to the best of my ability and find great joy in seeing them become their own best cheerleader.

The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.​

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross​


I utilize my experience as a crisis therapist and an outpatient therapist to meet your needs. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist those who struggle with Anxiety and negative thinking and utilize my training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to assist my clients in developing distress tolerance skills and communication skills needed to manage their emotions and improve their relationships. I also act as an advocate, a listener, a coach, and mentor.


One of the most important factors to therapy services being beneficial is the connection made with your therapist. I truly believe in building that connection and ensuring my clients know that I am their ‘person’ and that the office is their ‘space’. I do my best to advocate for my young clients so that they feel heard whether to their families or schools and that they learn the skill of advocacy. I want them to learn skills to better communicate with those around them and skills to best manage all that goes on around them and the feelings that follow. I also want to ensure that my young clients understand that we really have been there and that it is not easy but there are ways to get through it regardless of what the ‘it’ is. I enjoy motivating my clients and empowering them to make changes and to identify their value so they can go out in the world and make their mark and frankly ‘kick ass’ in the most positive way they can!


Regardless of your age or history we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and let’s be honest that is not always the easiest. I am dedicated to being your esteem booster and most importantly teaching the skills you need so you feel positive yourself and can mute the inner critic. We all have worth and when we feel our worth is minimized whether due to our past experiences or due to challenges that we are facing then we tend to see the world in a negative lens and I want to assist you in changing that!


Let’s face it… shit happens. It happens to us all and we all have a story. I aim to be the keeper of your ‘sh**” and in the process help you make sense of your story and find acceptance and learn the skills you need to get through it. Whether it is a breakup, divorce, depression, anxiety, trauma, a loss, a move, a life change of any kind support is beneficial as is empathy and having a safe place to process, vent and share.


I am currently navigating through my own journey as a new mom and love spending time with my baby girl. I love just hanging out at home with my husband and daughter and enjoying the downtime that we have. I also love a good brunch with my friends where we typically are chatting it up about the Real Housewives or venting about the challenges of motherhood and marriage. I also love spending time with my family and playing with my nieces and nephew and taking them on adventures. I also believe in the power of self-care which means a good mani/pedi and binge-watching reality TV on Bravo. I am also obsessed with musicals and love jamming out to the Glee soundtrack.


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