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kyle tanner, lcpc

Hey! I am Kyle and I am a licensed clinical professional counselor at Urban Wellness.

I work with adults 18+. I believe the human spirit is one of resiliency and power and I see it as my role to help you in your journey of learning how to use your strengths to bring about the life you want. Whether it be issues related to depression, anxiety, experiences of trauma, life transitions, or identity development, I am here to come alongside you in your wellness journey.

Don’t classify me, read me. I’m a writer, not a genre.

Carlos Fuentes​


My main approach to therapy is to help you recognize the strengths and skills you possess and how you can build upon these to see change. I work to provide an empathetic space that allows you to identify your values and how you can best live an authentic life. I pull from different therapy models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. We can work together to find effective tools and specific practices that can help contribute to a life of wellness.

meaning making

There are so many things in life that can cause distress and confusion. I like to offer the space for you to safely explore how these things (scary thoughts, illnesses, relationships, etc.) have an effect on you and how this fits into your identity and experience of life.


We are all part of a bigger system that can have an impact on your wellness. I see my role as a therapist to be an advocate within this system and to promote positive and effective change. I am also here to help you grow as an advocate to work towards the personal and systemic change you desire.


I love creating and you’ll probably find me fumbling through a new painting or sewing project in my free time. I also spend way too much time watching reality television shows.


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