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Katie Reagan, LPC

Hello! My name is Katie.

I am a licensed counselor and art therapist. I primarily work with adults (18 and up) as they learn to manage areas such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, body image, daily life stresses and above all working through the relationship the client has with themselves.

And perhaps the bravest thing we will ever do, is wake up and try again. No matter the hardship. No matter the pain.

Becca Lee, Poet

I help clients create awareness, talk through their thoughts, feelings and lived experiences. Together, we work to observe and challenge what is having an impact on the client, utilize mindfulness techniques, and practice ways to reframe situations and outcomes. Additionally, I offer the use of art therapy directives to invite a deeper exploration of the clients story. Art therapy allows the client to focus on the process rather than the product itself.

I believe

I believe in collaborating with the client to help meet their individual needs, while providing validation, reflection and empathy. Often, clients feel they are broken or think something needs to be “fixed”, it is my goal to help the client see their existing strengths, while working to uncover the unexpressed to encourage healing. I feel it is an honor to sit with each client as we work together to form a healthy rapport in a safe and non judgmental space. You are brave for being here.


In my free time I enjoy attending openings at art museums, doing yoga and collecting records. I also love spending time with friends and family that live in the Chicago area, taking in the all the fun things the city has to offer such as restaurants, concerts, and spending time at the lake.


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