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Brianna Boyd, LCPC

“I believe that telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to one another and the world is a revolutionary act that can lead to love, understanding, transcendence, and community” -Janet Mock

Insurances I Accept:

  • Optum/United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • BCBS HMO Northshore

Ages I work with:

  • 12+

Languages I speak:

  • English

Who Am I?

Hi I am Bri and I am a queer identifying therapist who uses she/her pronouns and absolutely loves her job. In my work, I strive to empower adolescents and adults to find their voices and make the changes they want to see in their lives. Though I serve clients from a wide range of ages, I most enjoy supporting clients who are in the process of developing their identities including racial, gender, sexuality, and disability identity development.

I love working with:

  • Gender expansive youth and their families
  • Young adults navigating life stage transitions
  • Teens and adults with anxiety, depression, and trauma history

Some of my favorite approaches include:

Client-centered therapy, CBT, and existential therapy. My primary goal is to treat each client as the individuals that they are and to be the therapist that they need at that moment in their lives. This process starts in our first session when I ask for input on your needs and preferences and continues throughout therapy through frequent check-ins and requests for feedback on what is working and any changes in approach that may be beneficial. I promise my clients to never take feedback personally and to never tell them what to do. I believe that my client’s are the experts of their own lives, so they should be co-authors of their treatment plans. You are the captain, I’m just one of the players on the team.


I provide clients with a non-judgemental space to process their emotions and organize their thoughts. I don’t have a poker face and am a terrible liar, which is helpful in this role as clients can quickly trust that I am being genuine and authentic with them. My hope is that this also encourages clients to bring their most authentic selves to session, which will in turn help them make much faster progress. I believe that information is power, so I often offer to share my knowledge and resources with clients in order to normalize their experiences and empower them to make any changes they may desire. I’m a big proponent of celebrating the baby steps. While I hold space for processing challenging interactions, I also encourage discussion of positive experiences and successes in order to keep therapy a safe and supportive space. My hope is that all my clients feel that I treat them as equals, with respect and care.

Beliefs section:

  • I believe in you!
  • I believe that you are capable, competent, and powerful.
  • I believe therapy works best when clients trust that they can be vulnerable with their therapist. I believe change is possible when people have adequate support systems in place.

What it’s like in a session with me

I encourage clients to come prepared to lead the discussion. Sometimes this can be challenging, especially when clients don’t have practice leading conversations, so I offer support in developing this skill. I don’t typically offer judgment or advice, but rather empathetically listen to clients, reflecting the emotions and meaning of what they share in order to help them clarify their own thoughts and feelings. When I do offer advice, I typically qualify it by assuring clients that they are free to reject any and all suggestions and I promise to never take it personally. While I hold space for clients to process challenging emotions, I also foster an environment that allows for casual conversation and laughter. If all we do is talk about trauma, clients are more likely to develop a negative association with therapy and I strive for balance in all things. At the end of most sessions I ask clients for feedback on how they felt about “things talked about today” in order to maintain that open dialogue and maximize their therapeutic experience.

More about me

I identify with being a jack of all trades, but a master of none. I love learning new skills so over the past couple of years while I’ve been developing my drawing and painting skills I’ve also taken up tailoring, hair cutting and coloring, making beats, skateboarding, basic carpentry, and gardening. I also spend a fair amount of time watching TV and reading. I jump at any opportunity to discuss a good book as evidenced by my membership in two book clubs. And I try to make time every week to volunteer at the animal shelter and/or with LGBTQIA+ organizations like the Center on Halsted.


Schedule your first appointment. For follow up appointments (existing clients), please contact your therapist at 773-774-4444.