GET TO KNOW your therapist

Amanda Ekman, LCSW

Hi! My name is Amanda.

I am a clinical social worker. I support adolescents and adults through life’s challenges, and I work well supporting those with trauma backgrounds, depressive and anxiety symptoms, and challenging behaviors, such as self-harm or substance abuse. My goal is to guide our relationship in which you are empowered to see your strengths and make positive changes.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.​

Henry David Thoreau​


I believe in building upon your strengths to develop positive coping and communication skills to utilize in your day to day lives. I enjoy exploring how our childhoods and past experiences shape us, but do not define us. I believe by understanding where we came from, we can make conscious decisions on where we want to go. I believe that you deserve love and encouragement on your journey to healing, and I would love to accompany you on that journey.


I consider myself both a healer and a facilitator for change. As a facilitator in your therapeutic process, I am present to help you, hear you, and reflect back to you, but the effort for change relies on you. I believe in providing a warm, supportive environment, but I also believe in holding you accountable to your goals! If you are ready to reflect on your past, process your present, and make positive steps for your future, I am here for you!


In my free time, I love to explore and travel the world. I love trying new things, and I’m open to new experiences. I’m always planning my next trip! I also enjoy connecting with friends and family as much as I can. And if I’m not out exploring or spending time with loved ones, you can find me either cooking, baking, or bingeing Netflix on my couch.


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