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Allyson Stephens, LSW

Hello! My name is Allyson Stephens.

I work with children 7+, adolescents, and adults. I have experience working with diverse populations and using trauma-informed models through my clinical work.

Allyson Stephens, LSW

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.

Brené Brown

In treatment we look at education, awareness, and change through a variety of clinical interventions including: CBT, DBT, Somatic/Trauma, and EFT Tapping. I like to see where the client needs the most support and use of these modalities to adjust to the person’s needs. I am currently training to get my certification in EMDR, and plan on training in Somatic Experiencing.

meeting clients where they are

As a therapist, I’ve found it’s important to meet where the client is at. When working with kids and teens it’s especially important to help them identify and regulate their emotions, identify what body sensations are and how they can predict uncomfortable emotions, and develop coping skills. I want to help build resiliency for the client and also work with parents to help with issues that their child maybe experiencing. The parent/child relationship is important, and I want everyone to have tools they need in order to heal and work through concerns. Through Play Therapy/Puppetry/Sandtray, I can help kids describe how they are feeling internally and create a safe space for the child to work through their feelings.

healing generational trauma

In my work with adults, I believe it is important to help provide safety to heal from generational trauma and to help clients build resiliency with emotions or behaviors they may be experiencing. As a person who has recovered from generational trauma, I feel it is important to help people feel safe and heal when they are ready to. I focus on trauma responses, attachment styles, education on shame, toxic relationships, and self-harm behaviors.

a safe space for growth

I invite you to grow and overcome past obstacles through your own resiliency by doing the excellent therapy work. I will help you build a safe space in my office and help create comfortability to come as who you are.


I really enjoy spending time with my friends and with my boyfriend. Going out to eat, going to the movies, taking my dog on walks, going to the beach, going to see live music, and many more. I find it helpful for me to be outside when I have the chance. I love making time to travel because I feel that is so important. I also spend time binge watching tv shows and having discussions with coworkers/friends about those shows. I love reading and this is something that I do every day! I also love to continue to learn and educate myself by going to trainings and events geared around mental health or social issues. I am a nerd at heart and love to continue to educate myself on different topics. When I am alone or need to decompress from work, I love art. I love to draw and color. I am extroverted and enjoy being a people person, but I do value being a homebody!


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