“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” -Brene Brown

Sarah Eisenhauer, LCPC

Hello!  My name is Sarah and I’m a therapist who works with adults and emerging adults using a psychodynamic approach (looking at how the past effects the present), while also being mindful of the intersection of thoughts and feelings (CBT & DBT), to allow for relief from emotional pain.  I work with individuals who want to improve their relationships, further explore themselves and the roles they play in their world, women’s issues, and individuals with adjustment disorders from current stressors in their lives.

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Relationships are some of the most difficult things that we do as humans, and this is also where we develop our sense of who we are and whether that feels good and authentic, or painful and anxiety-provoking.  If you are struggling with finding a voice or space for yourself in your relationships, feeling seen and heard, or being able to attach and trust, we can work together to improve your sense of self and overall satisfaction within your relationships. 


Did you had an invalidating childhood, or other neglectful or painful issues during your upbringing that you feel are still affecting the way you move around in your life today?  It is so common for us to struggle with the idea that we should “get over” difficulties from our past.  However, the more we understand past hurts and sensitivities, the more able we are to have a sense of control in our current lives.  If we don’t know what is driving our emotional responses, we cannot change how we react to them.  We will work together to allow you to feel like you can exist with less pain and suffering and overall greater ease in your world.


We all go through very difficult times where it just feels like the problems keep piling up.  If you are noticing signs of feeling anxious or depressed, you may need some additional support in finding ways to manage the stressors in your life.  I use cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapies to assist you in learning lasting ways to manage the thoughts and feelings that often go along with stressful situations.  Using these cognitive restructuring techniques, you can learn how your emotions, thoughts and reactions all work together, and how you can make changes so that they actually work FOR you!


Our therapeutic relationship provides a safe place for you to explore reactions, thoughts, and feelings about relationships and experiences in your life, and your place within this system.  It allows you the opportunity to practice new ways of being, and, when ready, to try out these new skills in other relationships and situations.  I believe that each individual has a unique view of the world, based on his or her role in it and their personal experiences.  I will take this into account as we work to improve the quality of your life.


I believe strongly in the idea of living what I teach, so I spend time in a number of joyful self-care practices that include things like meditation and travel to seeing live music and doing construction projects in my home.  I always make time for friends, family, and my spoiled dog, Beezus.