“But above all, in order to be, never try to seem.” – Albert Camus

Renee Surgi, LCSW

Hi! I’m Renée, a clinical social worker who believes that everything we need for change and growth is already inside of us, it’s just a matter of looking for and finding it. And holding onto it. I strive to create a safe space in which the journey to living your most authentic life can unfold. Whether you are in the midst of your teenage years, just beginning to navigate adult life, or consider yourself an established member of adulthood, I work with individuals challenged by depression, anxiety, recent or past trauma, relationship concerns, substance abuse, and gender/sexual identity issues, I see myself as someone who will listen when you need to be heard, sit with you when you’re in pain, and share in the joy of overcoming challenges and creating meaningful change.

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Humans are creatures of connection. We were never meant to be alone in our experience of the world. However, this can seem easier said than done. In such a fastpaced world where it can often feel expected to put on our “happy face”, letting ourselves be vulnerable with another person can feel strange and uncomfortable. Our work starts by building mutual trust and respect, which lays the foundation to understand each other and how we can work together to foster authentic connection and change.


We live in a busy world, where we often get caught up in meeting deadlines, running errands, and all the daily “life stuff”. It can be difficult to take a step back and evaluate our actions, what they truly mean to us, and what it would mean if we made different choices. By looking at life in multiple ways, we can open ourselves up to a world of possibilities for what our lives can be. After all, it is impossible to know the limits of our potential.


I utilize an integrative approach to therapy, which essentially means that I like to mix and match. In my experience, people are highly complex and multi-faceted, often with a myriad of identifiers that make them unique. I believe that past events can have profound impacts on our current experience of life, but also that our current environments and the systems of which we are a part play a role in how we relate to the world. I am a proponent of using psychodynamic, attachment, and system theories to inform my work, while applying practical approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-Based techniques. In this work, we are cocaptains. You are the expert, as no one knows your life better than you. You decide where we start and where you want to go. I just help steer the ship.


During the summer, I try to spend a lot of time outside, whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or being near water (beach, pool, I’m not picky). In the winter, I tend to read a lot and enjoy acrylic paint pouring (although that’s fun any time of year). I also love interior design. My all-time favorite year-round activity would be hanging out with my two dogs and two cats.