Jessica Hudson, Ph.D.Psychologist
Dr. Hudson contracts with this practice to provide psychological testing services.

I’m Dr. Jessica Hudson and I conduct psychological testing at Urban Wellness. I am able to test children starting at age 6 all the way up to adults. Testing can help provide diagnostic clarification and recommendations for learning issues, ADHD, behavior problems, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, or personality issues.

Psychological testing might be warranted and helpful to clarify diagnosis when a client’s symptoms may point to different etiologies; or to give client’s a deeper understanding of their thinking or personality functioning which might then help to inform treatment.

Often clients are unaware of what psychological testing entails. The exact process varies depending on the purpose of testing. However, most testing involves meeting with me for 2-3 sessions of approximately 3 hours each. I gather information through clinical interviews with client, parents, teachers, and other providers. The testing process itself involves objective and self-report measures. Clients will be asked questions and may engage in activities similar to puzzles or problem-solving. At the end of testing I analyze and summarize findings and write up a thorough testing report complete with recommendations. I then have a feedback session with the client.

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