“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” -Conan O’Brien

Andrea Picard, LCPC, ATR

Hi, I’m Andrea Picard, a clinical counselor and art therapist here at Urban Wellness. I like to think of myself as a child whisperer, creatives helper, and parenting and relationship nurturer. I frequently focus on treating the “3 A’s” in counseling, anxiety, anger, and addiction, to help individuals gain more control over problematic areas, and establish stronger relationships in their lives.

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I’m really a kid at heart. I thrive on trying to understand children better and enjoy building relationships and connections through art and play therapy, to help children navigate through personal stress, and enhance understanding and awareness of what’s bothering them, to develop problem solving skills that foster growth.


I get you. Words aren’t always necessary. I want to provide the space you need to creatively enhance your well-being through personal expression and directive work.


The sport of parenting is difficult. I help families struggling to connect. Raising children is filled with adventures, not to mention the scope of experiences each caregiver brings to the table. Aspects such as rigid thinking, traumatic events, emotional conflicts, substance abuse related issues, to behavioral problems all add stress and possible disconnect. I help navigate through this sea of plenty to build stronger relationships.


I feel strongly connected to the many aspects and varying degrees that anxiety, anger, and addiction can play in our lives. At the crux of many fears and relationship struggles lie one or more of the “3A’s.” As a result, ineffective coping skills build a wall against change, and instead create less tolerance for uncomfortable emotions and those around us. I want to help with what feels impossible to do, to be possible to achieve.


My approach is down to earth with a good sense of humor so together we can tackle unhelpful thinking patterns, establish healthy risk taking, find buried and under-utilized strengths, focus on problem solving and growth, strengthen connections with others, and ultimately rediscover self through learning new things.


I’m a collector and lover all things beach. You can find me hunting for cool rocks and drift wood, washed up pieces of pottery and beach glass, and my newest obsession, agates (although I have not found one yet). When I’m indoors I can be found tinkering around the house, listening to music and cooking, and trying to keep my children from covering every nook and cranny in my home with slime. Current dreams: to eat at awesome restaurants all over the world, visit all 50 states, and hang out in Japan.