You spend your time wondering if life will always be this demanding.

Or if you’re ever going to find a minute to breathe and reconnect with the person you truly want to be.

You always wanted a full life. One where you had places to be and things to see. One that you shared with loved ones. You knew it would be a challenge to make sure everyone had their needs met and to still have time for yourself and the things that make you happy, but you filled your time and there was never a dull moment.

When you look at yourself today, you feel exhausted and like something’s missing. Your life is moving forward, and new things are happening, but they are hard to celebrate or be proud of when you feel pulled in so many different directions.

At Urban Wellness we’re sure about one thing:

Counseling offers a safe space to explore things in life that may not be working well. It is a healthy and self-caring way to work on yourself and learn better ways to handle your thoughts, feelings, relationships, home and work life. Together we can look at barriers that are keeping you from creating the change you are seeking and find the best ways to implement those changes. We can also help you manage the symptoms that are creating distress in your life, whether it be depression, anxiety, or relational issues.

Sometimes life just gets the better of you. You become stressed out and overwhelmed by everything it is you have to do and there’s just not enough time or energy to take care of yourself on top of everything else. When this happens, you find yourself going through the motions of your day rather than actively living and enjoying it.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to be present in your day-to-day or to slow down and enjoy the little things. It simply means you need a little guidance to learn the skills necessary to improve your quality of life. Often, when you’re disconnected from the things that really matter to you the lack of relationship spreads to your friends and family. Soon, everyone in your life feels a bit distanced and detached.

But the truth is, stress happens, and you and your loved ones don’t have to suffer because everyone has a lot going on. Life brings all kinds of stressful situations and these stressors break down your ability to find peace and calm, no matter how badly you crave it.  As a result, you start to feel anxious, depressed, and lonely. Instead of being stuck in this place, you can learn to care for yourself and concentrate on the things in life you truly value.


That’s where Urban Wellness comes in:

Urban Wellness is a multi-disciplinary counseling center. Every therapist who works here practices a different specialty and is trained to meet the unique needs of the people in our community. We strive to provide well-rounded care to all who live in our neighborhood. Each therapist tailors their approach to you and makes a point to meet the you where you are in the healing process. We can find the counselor who is the best fit for you and your current concerns, and if not, we can refer you to another therapist in the community who can.


When You Seek Therapy at Urban Wellness:

Our mission is to help people feel more connected to themselves. We believe everyone can have the life and the relationships they desire. It’s simply a matter of getting in touch with those desires and building the skills to make them become a reality. Our passion is helping community members build the connections they can count on in order to thrive.

Urban Wellness is the place for people to find deeper self-understand and self-compassion.

Perhaps you are a young adult who has just struck out on your own. You realize adulthood is not all you’d expected it to be and it’s much harder to live alone than you though. You can’t help but feel isolated and like you’re drifting without a purpose. You know you have to take responsibility for your success and your future, but you just don’t know the first place to start. We have counselors on staff who specialize in working with emerging adults. Click here to learn more.

Or maybe you’ve recently gone through a health scare or received a diagnosis that changed your life. You’re looking for the best ways to move forward with this new reality and to remain positive and hopeful regardless of your health condition. You want someone to talk to, but your friends and family are just as worried as you are and don’t really know how to help. When you seek therapy at Urban Wellness, you will be connected with a counselor who is an expert on helping people through health crises. You will work together to develop your resilience, so you can build yourself up from within and find the strength to move forward. Click here to learn more.

Sometimes, the traumatic experiences you think you’ve gotten over can have a lasting effect on the way you live your life. You find that since your traumatic event you’ve had trouble relating to your friends and loved ones, sleeping well at night, and feeling comfortable in public places. You know you’re a different person because of what you went through, but everything you’ve tried to get back to the person you used to be hasn’t worked. Here at Urban Wellness, we have therapists specifically trained to treat clients with trauma. When you schedule a session, you will start to feel like yourself again. Click here to learn more.

In the end, you can feel so much better about yourself and the path your life is taking when you confide in a professional who knows how to help.

You’re ready to find the pieces of yourself that have been lost to the demands of your busy life.

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