Understanding “Pressure Points” in our Relationships

As a therapist who often works with couples or individuals with relationship issues, it is fascinating to see the patterns that emerge. We all have them. It seems in every relationship we are in, varieties of the same issues come into play. Of course, depending on the intensity of the relationship the trait can [...]

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Five Reasons People Avoid Therapy

5 Reasons People Avoid Therapy We all have points in our lives where what we're doing, how we're experiencing the world, and the obstacles we are facing become overwhelming or daunting. From maintaining healthy relationships to the nagging negative thoughts that came from our childhoods, to balancing work, personal life, friendships, and family obligations, we [...]

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The Stigma of Therapy

The Stigma of Therapy Recently, I have been hearing more and more of the stigma people have towards therapy. We are brought up in a world that has high expectations but told we should never crumble or need help. I saw a 7 year old client that stated during our first session, “I don’t [...]

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