Using Movement to Heal Trauma

Using Movement to Heal from Trauma It appears every time we tune into the news, something catastrophic is happening. We are all exposed to trauma on many levels, multiple times a day. As traumatic events seem to be more and more prevalent (or perhaps just more publicized), there is a need to understand how to [...]

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10 Ways to Improve Social Skills in Children and Teens

10 Ways to Improve Social Skills in Children and Teens In today’s society, children and teens are faced with many obstacles that previous generations might not have experienced. In a world where social media and technology take over, it is important to look at the ways in which social interactions are changing. In sessions I [...]

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Art Therapy Demystified

Art Therapy Demystified and Explained Art therapy is a form of counseling utilized in a therapeutic setting to begin a personal journey encompassing emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing through art. Art therapists are trained in counseling, art therapy, and art. Think counseling with the added bonus of having an additional specialty, say like someone that [...]

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Parenting A-Z

Parenting A-Z: Keeping it simple. Parenting is an indescribable job that changes at any moment, without permission or readiness. Here are a few friendly reminders that raising a human being can be tricky from time to time, but workable. A-Argue less. Lots of stuff can be angering…if you let it be. It takes more energy to [...]

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